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The prosperity of the 1920’s did not prepare the Americans for the depression in the 1930’s. The stock markets crashed on October 29th, 1929 Americans expected president Hoover to help the nation back on its feet. However Hoover maintained a feeling laissez faire. Soon after Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president he created many programs to aid in the depression and to get the economy up and running. Although his programs did not have an immediate effect on the economy it created a long-term effect on the rest of American history. Many of Roosevelt programs are still intact today. One program would be the social security act (Doc E). This new program was considered a “jewel” of the new deal for it directed care towards the elderly. People 65 and older were able to receive money from the government. Other programs still around today are the TVA (jobs in the Tennessee valley), SEC (committee that regulates the stock markets) and the FDIC (bank insurance). Roosevelt administrations also sought to help the citizens both economically and socially. FDR alphabet soup programs in the hundred days were needed for the nation call for help. Programs apart of the hundred day were (AAA) helped in increase farm profit by reducing the profits and (NIR) eliminated business competition and united them to create codes of “fair practices”. Roosevelt creation of the new deal was to help economic recovery as well a social recovery. Franklin Delano Roosevelt used the term the three r’s which gave relief for the people out of work and recovery for people with businesses and reform the American institution. Also with great efforts from Franklin wife Eleanor women and blacks gained recognition during this time period. Some of the new deals contained blacks (Doc I) and Roosevelt included blacks in his brain trust. Roosevelt attempt to include blacks, made blacks be more

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