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Questions to Consider: ← What were the cultural characteristics of the varied populations of the West? ← How did the discovery of gold and silver in the West, impact bother regional and national development? ← How did ranchers and farmers change the landscape of the west, and support the development of an industrial society? ← How did the methods used by the federal government to reduce the threat of the Plains Indians and the Indians lead to their cultural disintegration? ← Why did agriculture move from subsistence farming to commercial farming and what effect did that process have on the development of the west? ← How were the patterns of settlement on the last American frontier characterized in Turner’s these on the closing of the frontier? ← What were the supporters and critics of the Turner’s frontier thesis? Review Terms: ❑ Great American Desert ❑ Homestead Act ❑ Frederick Jackson Turner ❑ Turner’s thesis ❑ Pikes Peak ❑ Black Hills, SD ❑ Oklahoma Territory ❑ Sierra Nevada ❑ Mining ❑ six-shooter ❑ Samuel Colt ❑ Comstock Lode ❑ farming ❑ open range ❑ Mormons ❑ Reservation policies ❑ Dawes Act ❑ Chief Joseph ❑ Sitting Bull ❑ Crazy Horse ❑ W. T. Sherman ❑ General Custer ❑ William Cody ❑ Wounded Knee ❑ Sand Creek ❑ Ghost Dances ❑ Laissez-Faire Capitalism ❑ Business Organizations: • Monopoly • Pool • Trust • Holding Company ❑ Captains of Industry/Robber Barons: • Andrew Carnegie • J. Pierpont Morgan • John D. Rockefeller • Henry Ford ❑ Social Darwinism ❑ Philanthropy ❑ Grangers and Bloc Voting ❑ Munn v. Illinois ❑ Wabash v. Illinois ❑ Interstate Commerce Act ❑ Sherman Antitrust Act ❑ Populist Party ❑ Free Silver, “Cross of Gold” Speech ❑ Referendum, Initiative, Recall, Secret Ballot, Direct

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