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SUMMER '12 ASSIGNMENT: AP US History (10 Assignments, Due Date: August 17th) Tara Bierwagen I. The Effectiveness of the Articles of Confederation v. US Constitution Both the Articles of Confederation and US Constitution were made to govern what was a young and expanding nation. The Articles of Confederation was the first, made after the Revolutionary War. Created in 1777 but not ratified till March 1, 1781, The Articles of Confederation consisted of 13 articles outlining the lay of the law for the first founded 13 states. The problem with this document was that it granted to much power to the individual states and not to the central government. This resulted from the fear by the Radicals of replacing the English monarchy with one of their own. A prime example of a pro state-run government: Article II:“Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.” With this document, a national army could not be funded. Each state's vote in government was equal, regardless of their actual citizen population. Amendments to the document required a unanimous vote. The government had no power to tax, no executive branch to enforce actions passed by Congress, and there was no national court system. The US Constitution was created after The Articles of Confederation proved to be unable to be a long term governing document (ex. Shay's Rebellion). It contains 7 articles and currently 27 Amendments. It established a “central” government, bicameral with 3 branches (Executive, Judicial, and Legislative), each responsible for a different department. This made the United States a working nation, as to a collection of independent states. The government was given the power to tax and raise/fund a national army. States

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