Ap Us Chapter 1 Vocab Essay

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1. Tenochtitlan a. The capital of the Aztec empire. Fell due to smallpox epidemic and the conquest of Cortés 2. Iroquois Confederation a. An alliance of at least 5 Native American nations centered in modern day upstate New York. There were distinct gender roles in the confederation. 3. Francisco Pizarro a. A Spanish Coquistadore who conquered Peru. He showed Europeans the wealth of the New World. 4. Mali a. An Islamic empire centered in West Africa. Eventually became a great center of Education and Trade. 5. Black Death a. Another name for the Bubonic Plague. Killed one third of Europe’s population. 6. Prince Henry the Navigator a. A Portuguese prince who dreamed of creating a Christian empire. Sent Christopher Columbus to India. 7. Amerigo Vespucci a. Traveler to the new world. The name America comes from his name. 8. Mestizos a. People of mixed race, many of which were mixed Spanish and Native American. Intermarriage was common in Spanish settlements but not so in English settlements 9. John Cabot a. First Englishman to sail to the new world. Unsuccessful in finding the northwest passage 10. Enclosures a. The taking of many small plots of land to create one large plot of land. 11. Mercantilism a. Government control of the Economy. Created exclusive trading with colonies. 12. Merchant-Capitalists a. Merchants who work for a Capital (Profit)? 13. Huguenots a. A French protestant denomination. Created from the start of Calvinism. 14. Separatists a. Those who separated from the normal church and practiced religion independently. Many Separatists were Puritans and Quakers. 15. Plantations a. A way of transplanting English society to different locations by creating a separate “Plantation” from the native population 16. Coureurs de Bois a. French Canadian Fur traders and trappers. 17. Sea Dogs a. English sailors including Sir Francis

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