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Student Name: Jack Shan Running Head: AP U.S History Order ID: 6131341652 AP U.S HISTORY Several factors led to the United States territorial expansions in 1840s and 1890s. These included slavery expansion to the North and the need to expand American trade abroad. The most driving force was the vision known as Manifest Destiny. The vision represented a belief that it was a fate of the United State to claim the Northern part of American continent. The South had a tradition of slavery. To preserve this, most of them viewed territorial expansion as the only way. Therefore, in 1840s, the main objective of the expansion was to expand slavery to the north. It was meant to bring foreign territories under American power. (Brands Hanson, 295). Expansionist John O’Sullivan supported gradual U.S expansion through settlements. He believed that the settlers would take with them the institutions of U.S government and reproduce them wherever they settled. Eventually, the residents of those territories would desire to join the U.S. This implied that there was a need of government participation. On the other hand, the Northern states banned slavery. As a result, a civil war emerged. In 1890s, most Americans preferred economic expansion over territorial. This concentrated more on spreading American trade abroad. It also required less government participation. The U.S also attempted to protect the more part of the continent from being conquered by other countries. (Mountjoy Shane and McNeese Tim, 58). This was the time the European countries needed to expand their political influence to other parts of the world. Therefore, failure to expand to the North predicted that the Southern would loose national influence. In both eras, the government participated to some extent. Justification was similar in that the aim was to acquire more land. However, there were differences in

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