Ap Statistics Project U2&3

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AP Statistics - Yearlong Project Unit 2/3 Portion (50 pts.) Project Overview * Unit 1 Project – Study Design and Data Collection * Unit 2 and 3 Project – EDA * Unit 4 and 5 Project – Simulating Chance and Interpreting Results * Unit 6 and 7 – Another Inferential Analysis * Unit 8 - Final Report Data Collection – This will be started at the beginning of Unit 2 (after Unit 1 Project submission). Component 1… Answering your question. Identify a statistic (or statistics) that could best help you answer your study’s question. Explain how this measure (these measures) could answer the question. Start with stating your question clearly. I was curious to see if boys or girls at ASIJ had a higher average GPA. After collecting the data we found that in our sample the average GPA for girls is 3.58 and for boys is 3.47. Component 2… Graphical/Numerical Analysis of your sample * Create one or two appropriate graphs to include in your analysis of the data. * Calculate some appropriate descriptive statistics to include in your analysis of the data. Make sure the statistic(s) from Part 1 is (are) included. (Appropriate refers to graphs/statistics appropriate to the type of variable or variables you are investigating). Component 3… Written Analysis of the Data… Describe the sample data appropriately. Make sure the statistic from Part 1 is clearly the most important part of this analysis. (But don’t forget other appropriate information.) Component 4… Looking towards the future. * Class Activity… Small Group Die Rolling * Use the results/ideas of the class activity to explain why you can’t yet answer the question you identified in your Unit 1 Project. * However, you may “think you know” the answer at this point or at least be able to give an estimate of the answer. Do so but “hedge” appropriately. Because our sample
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