Ap Psychology Theories Essay

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Psychology Theories Essay The psychoanalytical theory is the focus on the different stages of development of our personalities. Erickson’s epigenetic principle says we develop through an eight stage process which is built into our genetic makeup. These stages have developmental tasks that are psychosocial in nature and are referred to in two ways, for example a toddler’s tasks are called autonomy-shame and doubt. A toddler must learn there is a balance between the two that must be achieved and an appropriate time for either action. Erickson believed that if we interfered with the natural order of development we could ruin the whole child’s development. There are pros and cons to each stage of development. The influences at each…show more content…
Weaknesses of Skinner’s theory is that it suggests all behaviour is learned but it fails to give credence to cognitive and biological elements that have been proven to effect behaviour. It has been proven and would seem to be common sense that humans with the ability to reason and observe will inherit traits based on their environment ie: a child from a stable, quiet and non confrontational family will inherit those qualities by a type of osmosis as they grow. By basing research on animals in conditioning studies relies on the fact that an animal cannot extrapolate experiences into the future without considerable and constant conditioning, we cannot generalize that humans are in anyway similar as their anatomy and physiology are vastly different. Humans have the ability to think about their experiences and make conclusions largely based on their cognitive
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