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Bio 1600-Test#3-Study Sheet 1. Understand : proprioception 2. Review regulation of some pituitary hormones(esp. neurohypophysis) by the hypothalamus. 3. Explain the taste receptors (hairs) of taste buds. 4. Terms re: parts of the eye: iris, cornea, pupil, retina, optic disk, fovea centralis. 5. Differentiate between rods & cones. In what part of the eye are they located? 6. What is the name of the structure that separates the ourter & middle ear? 7. What are the auditory ossicles, and what is their function? 8. What are the roles of calcitonin. 9. What causes the heart sounds? 10. Distinguish between diastolic and systolic pressure. 11. Compare the nervous and endocrine systems. 12. Compare protein/amino acid

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