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Chapter 10 outline I. Hair styling theory: A. Primary hair styling considerations: * form- * Round- equal volume. * Angular- more width then length * Oval- more length then width * Texture- * Waves- big curls. * Spiral- tight curls * Crimped- zig zag * Direction- toward the face or away from the face. * Movement- * Parallel * Radial * Formula for success * Form+ texture+ Direction+ Movement= Beautiful Hair styling. B. Hairstyling fundamentals creating the desired direction and movement, combined with various degrees of volume and closeness. * Distribution and molding- Center, side or off parts, combing wet hair in desired position. * Radical distribution-…show more content…
* Relaxing the set. * Re-establishing the line of the design. * Backwashing and backcombing. * Refine the line and texture. * Detailing II. Thermal styling. C. Thermal styling- drying and styling hair with a hand held dryer and various tools. * Thermal styling theory- temporary changes of texture, heat and water them reformed. * Air forming- Another name for blow drying. * Air forming guidelines- use a protected styling lotion or other styling product. * Remove excess water/ dry high settings, medium for style, cool air to set. * Direct air flow in the same direction of the cuticle; keep dryer 3 to 5 inches away from hair. * Use caution with bleached hair. * Finger styling- * Use fingers as a tool (scrunching) gives a natural looking finish. * Round brush * A large brush creates smooth look, and a round brush gives curly results. * Hot brush or comb * Air flow and heat to create a curl pattern, curls and dry’s hair at the same time. * Hair…show more content…
* Pomade is used for shine and to take away frizz. * Fine hair- low heat and low pressure. * Medium hair- medium heat and medium pressure. * Course hair- more heat and more pressure. * Thermal irons * “Curling irons” start from 5/8” all the way to 2 inches produce straight, crimped and curly. * Marcel- curate, marcel curling irons. * Curling iron techniques. * Base to ends- begin at the base, turn the iron one half revolution figure 6. * Ends to base- begin at the ends rotate iron to retrieve curls at ends. * Marcel- surface wave use comb and iron in. * Spiral- begin at ends turn vertical III. Wet styling * Wet hair is manipulated into desired shapes and movements and allowed to dry * Finger waves- the art of shaping and defining hair into graceful waves using your fingers to create waves to complete 2 oblongs connected by ridge. * Pin curls- also known as sculpture curls. * Components of a pin curl- components never change, base stem, and circle. * Types of pin curls * Flat- base, stem, and circle are flat and closeness close to hair. * Volume- base and stem are lifted circle turns under for fullness and

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