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AP English Literature Free Response Questions 1970 – present 1970: Choose a character from a work of recognized literary merit and write an essay in which you (a) briefly describe the standards of fictional society in which the character exists and (b) show how the character is affected by and responds to those standards. In your essay do not merely summarize the plot. 1971: The significance of a title such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is easy to discover. However in other works (for example, Measure for Measure) the full significance of the title becomes apparent to the reader only gradually. Choose two works of literature and show how the significance of their respective titles is developed through the author’s use of devices such as contrast, repetition, allusion, and point of view. 1972: In retrospect, the reader often discovers that the first chapter of a novel or the opening scene of a drama introduces some of the major themes of the work. Write and essay about the opening scene of a drama or the first chapter of a novel in which you explain how it functions in this way. 1973: An effective literary work does not merely stop or cease; it concludes. In the view of some critics, a work that does nor provide the pleasure of significant “closure” has terminated with an artistic fault. A satisfactory ending is not, however, always conclusive in every sense; significant closure may require the reader to abide with or adjust to ambiguity or uncertainty. Write an essay that discusses the ending of a novel or play of acknowledged literary merit. Explain precisely how and why the ending appropriately or inappropriately concludes the work. Do not merely summarize the work. 1974: Choose a work of literature written before 1900. Write an essay in which you present arguments for or against the work’s relevance to a person today. Your own position
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