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Sam Stearns Summer Reading Assignment Chapter One of How To Read Literature Like a Professor all about a little boy named amir he is the son of baba, this took place in the winter time in Afghanistan . Amir was joining a kite runner tournament with his friend Hassan. Before this tournament meant Amir and Hassan were on the street and these men come over and take and rape him and Amir just sat here and watched and didn't know what to do and Amir feels regret for that and so know he think he need to make his father proud of him. This tournament was going to be one of the biggest tournaments held in 25 years. Amir every time he was in a tournament he always wanted to will to make his father proud. So when he couldn't sleep the night before the big day he would prepare himself for battle and in the tournament there are no rules. The night before the tournament he was sitting in the study Amir and his father. His father causally said " I think maybe you'll win the tournament this Year" Amir had no clue what to say his father has never said anything like that before. he thought about what he had said for a long time. Baba told Amir about his time in the tournaments and how he cut down 14 kites on the same day but Amir wasn't really listening because alls he could think about how he couldn't fail his father.The day finally came and Amir was prepared and prepped for this event. The end of amir tournament was coming to en end the crowd was chanting "cut him" and was the final two Amir was one of them. Amir closed his eyes and he had won! He was looking around and he say his father cheering for him. That was Amir greatest moment of his twelve years he has been alive to see his father proud of him. SO WHAT CHAPTER DOES THIS CONNECT BACK TO IN HTRLLAP? IS AMIR LIKE A KNIGHT ON A QUEST, READY TO DO BATTLE TO WIN HIS FATHER'S LOVE? YOU ARE MISSING THIS PIECE.

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