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AP Language/Literature & Composition Syllabus 2008-2009 Note: This year is a transitional year at our school in which this single AP course will strive to prepare seniors for both the AP Literature and AP Language exams. In the 2009-2010 academic year, the Literature course will be offered at the junior level and the Language course at the senior level. I have listed many options for nonfiction readings in each unit. We will not have time to read all of them, but will explore as many as time allows. Texts marked with an asterisk are required unit texts. Ongoing Year-Long Activities (See also list of invention and critical reading activities following objective list.) • Dialectical and Style Journals (Informal writing_ • Reading Journal and Reading Conferences (developing metacognition around skills as critical reader) • Quarterly Independent Book- students choose text to read outside of class; 1st quarter: nonfiction; 2nd Quarter- fiction; 3rd Quarter- 16-19th century fiction; 4th quarter: choice. • Weekly Blog postings on articles in The New York Times or Washington Post • The Writing Process including a variety of peer revision strategies • Metacognitive Reflections on Writing • Mini-Compositions (frequent 1-2 page analytic essays responding to brief texts) • Self-Evaluation of writing and critical reading abilities • Practice AP exam activities (at least 1-2 times each unit) • Process/Research Papers (Synthesis and Literary Analysis; Crux) • Grammar and Style Study using William and Strunk’s Elements of Style and William K. Zinnser’s On Writing Well. Course Introduction for Students This dual AP Literature/AP Language & Composition course is designed to prepare you to meet college-level reading and writing expectations. You will be challenged to change the way they think about

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