Ap Language and Composition Essay Hints

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AP Language and Composition Essay Hints Scoring  The Multiple Choice section counts for 45% and the essay section counts for 55%.  Each essay is read by a different trainer.  Each essay is scored as a 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0  There are 27 points possible divided into 55% of the total possible score. The formula would look something like this. o (pts. X 3.055) + (pts. X 3.055) + (pts. X 3.055)= Essay Raw Score Essay 1 Essay 2 Essay 3  150 is the total composite score for the AP Language and Composition test. 55% of this is essay section; that equals 82.5 points. 45% of this is the multiple choice section, which equals 67.5 points. Each essay is graded on a 9 point scale; therefore, each point is worth 3.055. Divide the number of multiple choice questions by 67.5. For example, if there were 55 questions, each point of the raw score would be multiplied by 1.227. Add together the raw scores of the two sections and you will have a composite score. Based on the data of the past, this is how the total composite scores will translate into levels. o 150-100 =Level 5 o 99-86= Level 4 o 85-67=Level 3  Successful writers do the following: o Use a wide range vocabulary appropriately and effectively o Use a variety of sentence structures o Use a logical organization enhanced by specific techniques to increase coherence such as judicious repetition, strong transitions, and appropriate emphasis o Use a balance of generalization and specific illustrative detail o Use an effective rhetoric, controlling tone, establishing and maintaining a voice, and achieving appropriate emphasis through diction and sentence structure  Always consider the rhetorical triangle of each piece of writing. This is simply the speaker/writer, the audience, and the subject. You might want to complete this for each piece as a form of
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