Ap Human Geography Chapter 7 Summary

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EGYPT- THE RAMESSIDE PERIOD, DYNASTIES XIX AND XX CHAPTER 1: THE GEOGRAPHICAL ENVIORNMENT Background * the ancient Egyptians saw their natural environment both order and disorder * they believed their world had been created by a mound, called the ben-ben, arose from the waters of chaos. * The first god was both female and male, appeared on the mound and created life and ordered the world that embodied the concept of maat or divine order. * Maat: goddess who personified truth, justice and the essential harmony of the universe. The power of maat regulated the seasons, the movement of the stars and the relations between men and god. If maat broke down then chaos would occur. * The pharaoh and people constantly strove for…show more content…
* They believed that each person had a physical body as well as ba, ka, akh, shadow and name. after death all these elements had to be provided for and protected * The ba was the manifestation of the power of a person and was envisgated as a bird with a human head, although it could take any form. It was free to leave the tomb but had to return to the body each night. * The ka was the spirit or the life force of a person. It was considered as a person with unpraised arms on their head, and needed food and drink to sustain it in the afterlife. * The akh was the result of the successful reunion of the ba and its ka, it was enlightened, immortal spirit that passed into the afterlife after passing a series of tests to prove its worth, including the weighting of the heart. * The shadow mirrored every movement of the bidy and the name was considered to be the essence of that person. As long as a name was spoken it ensured
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