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Red= possible FRQ Red= possible FRQ AP H.U.G. EXAM REVIEW * Folk vs. Popular Culture Folk Culture: ~Rapidly changing through much of the world ~Usually in a rural community ~Resistant to change ~Diffuses slowly through migration ~Defined as cultural traits such as dress modes, dwellings, traditions, and institutions of usually small, traditional communities Popular Culture ~Wide distribution (differences from place to place are uncommon) ~Effects on landscape, creates homogenous or “placelessness” ~Defined as cultural traits such as dress, diet, and music that identify and are part if today’s changeable, urban-based, media-influenced western societies * 5 Themes of Geography * Place: Human & Physical features * Region: Region united by similar physical conditions or common cultural traits * Interaction: People adapt to the environment/ change the environment * Location: Absolute location (latitude & longitude), relative location (in relation to another place) * Movement: Travel from place to place, exchange of goods and ideas * Methods of Diffusion * Relocation: Sequential diffusion process in which the items being diffused are transmitted by their carrier agents as they evacuate the old areas and relocate to new ones. The most common diffusion involves the spreading of innovations by a migrating population. * Stimulus: Idea promotes a local experiment or change in the way people do things * Expansion: Idea of innovation spreads outward from the hearth * Contagious: Spread adjacently (close, nearby) * Hierarchical: Spreads to most linked people or places first * Spatial perspective * Defined as observing variations in geographic phenomena across space. * It deals with the arrangement and organization of things on the surface of the Earth. * Perceptual Regions * Defined as

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