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Ross,Demontray Per 6 Study Guide 7 1.Nomination- The naming of those who will seek office. Ex-Nominating a person to represent you 2.General Election-Regularly scheduled elections at which voters make the final selection of office holders. Ex-When everybody choose that person 3.Caucus-A group of like-minded people who meet to select the candidates they will support in the upcoming election. Ex- when they formed to help elect John Adams. 4.Direct Primary-A intra-party election. Ex- When you choose who you want to represent you party . 5.Closed Primary-A partys nominating election in which only declared party members can vote. 6.Open Primary-A partys nominating election in which any qualified voter can cast a ballot. Ex- Just like we have here in Los Angeles; Post office.…show more content…
13.Polling place-The place in which voters living in a certain precinct can go and vote. 14.Ballot- The device in which voters use to cast their votes. 15. Political Action Committee- The political extension of special interest groups which have a major stake in public policy. 16. Subsidy- A grant of money usually from the government. 17.Soft Money-Money given to State and local party organizations for voting – related activities. 18.Hard Money-Campaign money that is subject to regulation by the FEC. Short Essay 1. What are the five broad categories that describe the way in which nominations are made ? Self-announcement , Caucus, Convention, Direct Primary, Petition. 2. To what extent are the states involved in regulating the election process ? Each state have their own laws, but what they do to regulate their votes and get an accurate count of how many people are living and keep the dead out. 3. Describe the role and importance of money in the election process. When you have money, you have power. So basically the wealthy control the government system and the people of America are just
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