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Ap European History Dbq On Renaissance Essay

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  • on February 21, 2012
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There were many different opinions about the purposes of the rituals and festivals that served in traditional European life. Some approve of them and some do not. One of the people who do approve of them say that these festivals show the greatness of the leaders. An artist showed the expression of people before the rituals of Carnival and Lent Others, however, do not approve of the rituals and festivals. Some say that the people are just celebrating the rituals and festivals to have a good time, and that they use them as an excuse to do wrong things. Others describe how people execute others to embarrass and punish them, when what they did was not as bad as they made it seem.
Brother Giovanni di Carlo, a Dominican monk, approved of the rituals and festivals. He believed that their purposes were political. He thought it showed the greatness of the leader. Also, the children were being trained to act like adults. The sons played the role of an adult very well, in that people would not be able to notice that they were kids. Overall, to Carlo, everyone enjoyed it and it was a fun time for all.
Peter Brueghel, an artist, depicted a battle between Carnival and Lent. Carnival was the celebration right before Lent, which was when everyone repents. The painting shows the expression between the two festivals. It looks like they are all fighting. They are all joyous, however, because it is their last celebration before they have to repent. R. Lassels also approved of the rituals and festivals. He was commenting on the festival of Carnival. After they celebrate the festival of Carnival, they are now ready to be choked up again when they fast for Lent. They would be ready because they needed some time off from Lent, so then they are prepared for the next one.

Another person who approved of the rituals and festivals was Henry Bourne. Bourne depicted how the Sicilians celebrated midsummer night. The servants and masters are equally independent. They are equal in that...

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