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Essay 1 The Renaissance was an extremely important art movement in history. The Renaissance was a type of “rebirth” after the middle ages. People were stuck in a rut from the Middle Ages and were in a strange pattern of life. Progression, change, and beauty were all results of the Renaissance period. The Renaissance was known as a rebirth because it shed a new light for people after the Dark Ages ended. Renaissance brought about large changes in science as well, but the most major aspect of this period was art. It was a cultural movement that revived learning for all. The linear perspective of art was developed at this time as well. Human emotion was evoked in art for the first time during the Renaissance. The changes in art were mirrored by the changes in science. This period of time was also big on the paintings of anatomy and nature. Since the Renaissance developed the idea of Humanism, people began to further question the things going on around them. The biggest idea was that the Renaissance opened up the door to greater movements. Not only did it change the way that art had been previously, but it also showed people that they aren’t always just one way or one form of art. There aren’t always specific rules as to what you have to do when you paint. You have the freedom and ability to paint the things you want. The Renaissance opened up people’s eyes and showed them that there aren’t a standard set of rules or a certain routine that they have to follow everyday of their lives. The Renaissance was an episode in the history of art, however it was an extremely important episode. Essay 2. In Spain during the fifteenth century, despite the political disunity of the Middle Ages, Spain was one of the oldest nation-states in Europe. In the fifteenth century, Spain gained its current borders. Spain was united by the powers of Ferdinand and Isabelle. Together,

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