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English Commentary Paper 1 The general tone of the passage is very frantic and torturous. It is told in the third person narrative, because the narrator is not involved in the story. The extract describes a character (Wimsey) who is in excruciating pain caused by the loud noise of bells in a bell tower. The bells seem to be sounding an alarm, because the blare is described as frenzied which has a feverish and convulsive connotation. Wimsey does not seem concerned about the reason for the unease; he just wants the sound to stop. The pain is so severe that Wimsey feels it is impossible to move forward and up, but he feels it is necessary to make to racket end that he pushes himself forward through his anguish. This gives the impression that Wimsey is very strong-minded and determined.…show more content…
Words like clamour, rung and clangour are somewhat onomatopoeic and resemble the ringing of big bronze bells. The make it easier for the reader to imagine the situation. The abundant use of plosives makes the extract very intense and dramatic. For instance the way Wimsey felt was described as brute pain, a grinding, bludgeoning, ran-dan, crazy, intolerable torment. These strong sounds (b, g, r, z, t) make the text grandiose and noble, while describing the environment in an auditory manner. The sentences are very abrupt and simple, although they are very descriptive. The author often uses adjectives that are synonyms to describe things more vividly, for instance drenched and drunken and crash and clatter. The style is formal (although the sentences aren’t always that complex) and meant to entertain so therefore the imagery is dramatic and fairly metaphorical (like the blows from a thousand beating hammers and like a sword in the brain). There is no internal dialogue in the text, but the narrator still knows exactly how Wimsey
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