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Descriptive Essay George Galindo Per:3 He drags himself to the door, at this point he is completely incoherent from the alcohol. He holds a tall bottle of liquor that reads in bold black letters “CIROC” the bottle is nearly empty, his feet are wobbly and his hands shaking and unsteady the bottle falls to the floor with smash. The short and slender man, reaches in his black jeans for his keys two keys on a small circle ,there’s only one lock on the door he puts the first key in and turns it the door unlocks and he pushes it open, his left foot is in when he lifts his right foot , the black boot he sports gets caught on the step and he lunges face first to the hardwood floor that awaits him. He falls with a painful thud his head hitting hard against the floor. Inside of him his skull rattles against his head a crack of the skull barely audible. The scent of blood dripping from his ears and the eerie stillness of death in the air is overwhelming. The woman who had heard the thud from the upstairs floor dashes down the carpeted stairs dodging toys and Hot wheel cars, while running toward the door she flicks on a light switch and comes to a sudden halt ,she lets out an exasperated sigh puts her hands over her mouth and is astonished at the site of her husbands body, she immediately sprints to the kitchen phone which is on the wall picks it up and then suddenly pauses , she stands still for a moment , thoughts running through her mind. The beep of the phone snaps her back to reality , she slams the phone back on the wall, she crosses her arms and stands staring blankly at her husbands inert body raises her hand and caresses a large bump on her temple , a bruise. She flinches at the touch of the bruise, it stings. As she looks

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