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It is easily visible that there are different elements of beauty. It is also acceptable to see that beauty is based on perspective. What one finds beautiful might not be the same for someone else. This also, in other words, supports the cliché that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” There are a vast amount of positive elements that help define beauty. First, source C helps identify how female beauty is expressed in societies. Christine Koggel explains how females are used for enjoyment for viewers. This is relatable and supported by the commercials seen today. From new perfumers to high-tech automobiles, we see females posing and expressing their beauty to the viewers. Source B also identifies another aspect of beauty. In this passage, Kathy Peiss explains the “put on” of make up. We can see that many people enjoy make up and it’s enhancement on beauty. The “beholder”, can find the enhancement beautiful and it leaves a positive aspect on how make up is seen on women. It is visible that there are positive aspects to define beauty. In the other hand, there are also negative elements perceived in beauty. In source E it is explained how in different cultures of the world, beauty is perceived differently. This can be negative because not everyone will be able to have the specific forms and qualities sought by others. This can create more negative aspects because people will feel depressive or unsatisfied for one’s society because they don’t qualify for what those “beholders” find beautiful. Another source that supports the negative aspects is source G. A beholder can not only find the outer beauty of a person important but also look for beauty on the

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