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Everyday millions of Americans and billions of citizens across the globe express their personal opinions in various means possible; all by the means of the media. However, are opinions important to the individual or to society itself? Do they encourage change and reform? Do they influence the ones around us? Do they foster democratic values? The answer is simple; the opinions of the worl are important and further demonstrate the political philosophy the United States was established on: democracy. The root of public opinion began not with media or with personalities; it began with the fight for independence from England. When the thirteen colonies succeeded in gaining freedom and therefore gaining the responibility to develop a novel government, a government led by the people for the people. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "The government is us; we are government, you and I." With this new government came the Bill of Rights and ultimately the First Amendment. The First Amendment guarantees all citizens the freedom of speech, press, assembly, petition, and religion. This amendment was important to the Founding Fathers because they tried to respect individuals' personal opinoin, verbal or written. However, the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution of the United States, the rule of law for all. With this came a new form of public opinion, public elections. In the United States, citizens vote for some political figures, city officials, and new legislative officials. All of those votes result from a public opinion, a public opinions influenced by the media. Just look at the presidential election of 2008. Today most Americans develop opinions based off of the media, either through television, newspapers, or the internet. The media is a continuous display of endless amounts of information directed towards the public. News channels achieve this by either taking a

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