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12th Grade Summer Reading Requirements Hello, SENIOR! Very soon, you will embark on your final journey in high school, your senior year! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you on your road to college as your senior English teacher. However, my expectations are high. You will be pushed further academically in my class than you ever have before. I think of senior English as a college course. Therefore, you will read and write… a lot, but you will also have the opportunity to explore and interpret ideas via literary analysis and thought-provoking discussion. While you have reason to celebrate this important milestone, I want to caution you: Everything you do academically next year can either help or hinder you in your college search. As you begin applying to colleges and universities and looking for scholarships, your grades are extremely important. The decisions you make at the start of your senior year will have a strong impact on the college you attend and the scholarships you receive. With that in mind, this summer is an opportunity to start your senior year on the right foot. As part of your studies in 12th grade English, you are required to actively read a novel, answer study questions, and complete writing activities in connection with the novel, including two handwritten essays. Your work is due on Monday, August 6 (the third day of school). You will also take a rigorous exam that day. All 12th graders who will attend Williams Prep during the 2012-2013 school year (including those who are currently not yet enrolled at Williams) are required to complete these assignments. Your summer reading packet, essays, and exam are the first grades of your senior year, so strive to start the year off with some high scores! Heather Hill Cernoch English Department Chair Williams Preparatory 12th grade required summer

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