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Mrs. Burrows AP-Language and Composition October 28, 2009 Teachers are set victim to skyrocketing prices on health-care payments; by the same token their changed attitude towards instructing impedes students learning. Nonetheless, space exploration is taking in benefits that can serve to ameliorate health and education budget cuts. Space exploration has brought forth discoveries beneficial to everyone’s knowledge; however it withdraws society from making financial attributes towards health and education. Healthcare has risen to the surface as being an issue. Its lack of resources limits development of immunities vaccines, and valuable research for the community. According to the National Institute of Health, their research has been an aid “to lead the way toward important medical discoveries that improve people health and save lives…” Funding medical research has had a positive outcome. For instance, NIH statistics prove that death rates from heart diseases have fallen by forty percent and fifty one percent between 1975 and 2000. Seeing that these improvements have taken place gives confidence to support research agencies such as NIH, as opposed to supporting studies on space exploration. Richard Greenburg explains that “when astronauts ventured to the moon…They were quarantined to prevent back contaminations…” Back contamination was an infections bacterium that required medical procedures. Apparently, health will continue being an issue that must be given priority, since space exploration contributes to the list of health controversies to be addressed. Alongside health, education should be given more funding than space exploration. Andre Chamberlin from the tax foundation illustrates that only $0.04 of each federal dollar is spending on education to the $0.06 spent on space exploration. As America

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