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Royal Treatment Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had her own castle to rule and a crown to bear? During the premature years that eventually bridged to a mature adolescence, I would spend an entire day in front of the mirror, twirling in a puffy, pink dress, wanting nothing more than to be a princess. My grandmother would play my very own seamstress, sewing a variety of differently colored and designed dresses, in which I would play “dress-up.” Then, I would ostentatiously stride around the house, showing off my princess-styled dress and pearl necklaces to any onlookers. In my mind, I was the princess—the monarchy—of the castle. As I descended the stairs, I would wave, like Princess Mia of course, at all my subjects. A princess is graceful: she has long, braided hair, flawless skin, and long legs. I would imagine that with each step, an ordinary part of me would be exchanged for an extraordinary trait of a princess. I would be poised and composed, not tripping over any rocks, curbs, or even worse, my own feet. With a crown also came authority. No one would bully or tease me, take my lunch or my pride. With the crown came well-kept dignity. Like a princess, I would exude confidence and radiate equanimity. Moreover, princesses always got their happily-ever-afters with their ideal princes. Twelve-years-old and I already dreamed of my own Cinderella happily-ever-after. At the end of the day when I abandoned the beautiful dress, I also reverted back to my old self: an average girl with ordinary features. What my reflection didn’t reveal was my insecurities, klutziness, and diffidence. At school, I still tripped over curbs or nothingness; I was still the daily victim of villainous bullies, who continuously took my peanut butter-and-jelly lunch from me. Bullies still made fun of my made-in-Taiwan headband, pushed me around, and forced

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