Ap: Effects of Colombian Exchange

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Boise St. The Columbian Exchange had huge effects on places, but it changed depending on the country. The Americas were affected differently compared to the Europeans. The Columbian Exchange in the Americas was different from Europe in reaction towards disease, and migration methods, but similar in their crops. The Americas were different in their reaction towards disease, than Europe. The way that they were different is the Americas reacted with death, about 75% of deaths in the Americas in 1492-1750 were disease related. The disease that was most prominent was smallpox. Europe didn’t have a reaction because the people had already had the disease and their immune systems were used to the disease so not many died. they are different in their reaction, this making the Columbian Exchange for goods but also for viral disease that killed many. They were also different in their immune systems. The Americans were not used to the “common cold” so they sometimes passed at what other thought was a minor cold. And the Europeans having a stronger immune systems were able to live through the sickness because their immune systems because they traveled a lot more and were exposed to the diseases. The Americas and the Europeans were different in migrations. In the Americas migration was normal because they were nomadic people, whose motives were to get animals such as buffalo or deer and to escape the cold climates. But Europeans motives for migration were very different in that they were looking for new beginnings and a fresh start. They are different in that the Americans moved to survive and the europeans used the Columbian Exchange for a fresh start. They were also different in the type of people migrating. The Americas during the early 1500’s they used the Columbian Exchange for slaves. The slaves were used to farm, mine and do other tasks that needed to be done.
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