Ap Courses: a Stirring Challenge

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AP Courses: A Stirring Challenge College students who have not taken any Advanced Placement courses throughout high school have shown only a thirty-three percent chance of completing a bachelor’s degree, according to The Center of Gifted Studies’ AP summer Institute (“Statistics show AP courses boost success”). These programs help to enrich the students intellectually and get them ready for the increased amount of work in college. Not only do they prepare the students for college, but they also allow them to prosper and become the best students that they can be. Advanced Placement courses should be offered in high school to allow excelling students to succeed in their academic development. First and most important, AP courses provide students the opportunity to excel in a challenging class. Through these courses, the students learn to study in ways that allow them to be prepared for future courses that in college. Rather than normal high school courses, AP classes are exceedingly challenging and require the students to put full effort into the work. AP English and literature teacher, Vicki Schmitt, states, “Even if you make a C in an AP class, there is value in having been in the class” (“Statistics show AP courses boost success”). Though there is much difficulty in the courses, it is more important to gather the information learned in the course and learn strong techniques for work ethic. Many others believe that it is too stressful and demanding, but it provides the students with the challenge needed and the opportunity to be surrounded by peers with equal academic abilities. In regular courses, students with high academic capabilities are easily bored by the simplicity of the current course. They are not granted the challenge and often work with other students who cannot compare to his or her abilities. Advanced placement courses provide an exciting

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