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Understanding the Difference between Being a GT Student and an AP/IB Student Controversy on whether GT programs represent a benefit for students has grown throughout schools that provide these types of programs There have been many surveys made in order to identify the true purpose of students being a part of a Gifted and Talented Program. The most apparent answers seem to be that membership to these programs corresponds mainly to try to separate those children who are distinctively more knowledgeable from those of slower learning capabilities. But whether or not a student is a part of the GT program is not important when it comes to the high school level since there is even a bigger barrier between students who want to strive for academic excellence and those who are satisfied by simply getting by. At the high school level students are given the opportunity to pick between regular classes and Advance Placement or International Baccalaureate classes. AP and IB classes are meant to prepare a student for college entrance by having a far more rigorous curriculum and courses that are very similar to those offered in college (Lord, 2000). The Gifted and Talented Program, the Advanced Placement Courses, and the International Baccalaureate Program are supposed to complement each other, but the criteria which are met in order to be a part of the GT program is not very demanding which in turns gives out inaccurate results from the newly selected members. Membership to the GT Program of most school starts at a very early age which is damaging to the goal which the program is intended to meet. At such an early age it is very difficult to distinguish between truly talented children and those who are average for their age. Schooling at a young age is at a very slow place since the material covered is essential for further grade levels, there are many kids that if they come

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