Ap Biology Midterm Study Guide

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UNIVERSITY OF KWAZULU-NATAL EXAMINATIONS: JUNE 2009 SUBJECT, COURSE & CODE DURATION 3 HOURS INTERNAL EXAMINER EXTERNAL EXAMINER FOUNDATION BIOLOGY PRACTICAL BIOL099; BIOL199 TOTAL MARKS 75 K. Brown, B. Keke, P. Seaman, S. Shaik, J.White Ms C. Still CANDIDATES ARE REQUESTED, IN THEIR OWN INTERESTS, TO WRITE LEGIBLY THIS PAPER COMPRISES FIVE PAGES AND APPENDIX A. ENSURE YOU HAVE ALL OF THEM. ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS Question 1 Using the materials provided on the side bench, prepare a wet mount of some of your cheek cells. Stain your wet mount using methylene blue. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 View the slide you have prepared under high power and call a demonstrator to assess your slide. (4) Draw and label two cells. Annotate your drawing in full. Calculate the real size of one cell in…show more content…
3.1 3.2 3.3 Give names for the labels A and B. Write them on the diagram. Give the plan diagram a suitable title. Write it on the diagram. Compare tissue F on your slide and in the plan diagram. A mistake has been made in the plan diagram. a. b. 3.4 What is this mistake? (Write in your answer book) Correct the mistake by drawing it properly on the plan diagram. (1) (1) (2) (1) Find one other mistake in the plan diagram. Name the tissue and write a comment about the mistake in your answer book. (1) 3.5 Locate the following tissue types in the plan diagram: • • • epithelial tissue soft connective tissue and specialized connective tissue. Provide annotations for these tissue types by copying and completing the table below in your answer book. Fill in the relevant information based on your observations of the prepared slide. (9) Tissue type 1. Epithelial 2. Soft connective 3. Specialized connective Name of
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