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AP Biology Period 6 Jenny Yang #28 Homework #15 (081205): Chapter 15 (due Friday 081205) Total points: 20 for Attempt on all questions ONE Concept Map: 10 points Objectives Relating Mendelian Inheritance to the Behavior of Chromosomes  1. Explain how the observations of cytologists and geneticists provided the basis for the chromosome theory of inheritance. • Parallel • Mendel factor • Mitosis • Meiosis Cytologists and geneticists noticed that chromosomes and Mendel factors have parallel behavior. Chromosomes and genes are both present in pairs in diploid cells; homologous chromosomes separate and alleles segregate during the process of meiosis; and fertilization restores the paired…show more content…
Explain the effect of multiple crossovers between loci. • Recombination frequency Multiple crossovers between loci narrows the frequency range. 11. Explain what additional information cytogenetic maps provide. • Stained band • Not uniformed • Locate genes Cytogenetic maps locate genes with respect to chromosomal features, such as stain bands, which linkage maps does not portray the precise location of genes, but the order of genes along a chromosome. Sex Chromosomes 12. Describe how sex is genetically determined in humans and explain the significance of the SRY gene. • X • Y • Trigger Sex is determined by the sex chromosomes, X and Y. If an offspring inherits an X from the father, then the child will be female. If the father passes on this Y, then the child will be male. SRY stands for sex-determining region of Y, which is a trigger and codes for a protein that regulates other genes. SRY help produce normal sperm. 13. Distinguish between linked genes and sex-linked

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