Ap Biology Chapter 1

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3. In Chapter 1: Thinking Scientifically, one quote really popped out for me. After talking to so many scientists, and by also referencing her own experiences with science, Natalie Angier stated that, “Science is not a body of facts… It is a way of viewing the world” (Angier 19). When I read this quote, I had to stop to put the book down. Science has always been my favorite subject, but I always viewed it as a collection of facts. I did not view them as boring facts, but interesting ones, which is why I liked science. Sure, science does consist of many stunning facts, but these facts do not make up the true essence of science. Science really is a way of viewing this beautiful world that we live in. By reviewing the thing that science reveals to us, such as how atoms bond to form molecules or how a cell operates, we can better understand the universe and, therefore, feel more at one with it. Science teaches us to take a closer look at everything and to dig deeper to try to understand it. With our newfound knowledge, we can apply it to our lives, and not only make ourselves more at one with everything, but improve the way of life for all those around us. This quote really inspired me to view not only science, but life differently. 4. The phases of matter are the various stages at which matter can exist. The most common stages of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. At a solid state, an…show more content…
In the book, Natalie Angier makes it clear that uncertainty, in science, although it may steer people not comfortable with science away, is not a weakness, but a strength. Scientist are used to uncertainty in science, but, “not only are they accustomed to uncertainty - they thrive on it” (Anier 36). Scientist like having something be uncertain, because that way they have something to work for. It’s like solving a mysery or putting a puzzle together. You can’t find out things you already know. Basically, a scientist’s whole job is to limit the uncertainties in our
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