Martin Luther King Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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KING’S LETTER FORM BIRMINGHAM JAIL Questions for Discussion 1. Martin Luther King writes as a member of several communities, some overlapping, some in conflict. What are they? Focusing on two or three, explain how he defines himself within each. The communities are the church and the community itself. King was the minister of his church. He preached to his congregation and they listened to his words and God’s words. He is also an advocate to the black community because he promotes equality and anti-segregation. 3. How does King balance the twin appeals to religion and patriotism throughout “Letter from Birmingham Jail”? Do you think he puts more emphasis on religion or patriotism? Why do you think he makes that choice? King balances the twin appeals to religion and patriotism throughout the letter by linking them together side by side. For an instance, when Martin Luther King justifies himself when he is called an extremist. His comeback is, “Was not Jesus an extremist for love…Was not Amos an extremist for justice…And Thomas Jefferson: ‘We hold these things to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal...” He also appeals to…show more content…
In sentence 2 of paragraph 14, what is the effect of juxtaposing the rate of change in Asian and African cultures with the rate of change in American culture? Juxtaposition is used in sentence 2 of paragraph 14. The effect of this sentence is to expose the nature and concerns of America during this time period. The American culture is too busy being focused on the wrong things. America is blinded by segregation, racism, and inequality; thus imposing detrimental effects. Rather than America being concerned on equality, it instead focuses on the issue of color. Without sentence 2 present in paragraph 14, the reader would not fully understand how segregation is causing the country of America to remain STAGNANT, while other countries fly on by. 7. What rhetorical strategies are used in paragraph 25? Identify at least
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