Aod Assess the Needs Essay

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Assignment 1- Assess the needs of clients with alcohol/ and or drug issues. Part A – Assess the needs of clients with alcohol/ and or drug issues Kathy would be experiencing a range of feelings at the time of presenting, she could be feeling scared about what is going to happen and what she can do about her situation. She may be experiencing depressed feelings such as sadness, helplessness and feelings of worthless. In terms of her relationship breakdown she may be unsure and overwhelmed with her current position and relationship with her ex partner. She may also fear him and have serious concerns for her and her unborn babies safety. Kathy may need the support of her family in this time of need and may want to reconcile her relationship with them, but she may not have the confidence to approach them. Depending on her current using patterns her mood may alter depending if she is under the influence of heroin and how long ago she consumed it last or she may be showing signs of withdrawal. Kathy may even be anxious about presenting with all her problems. For opening the first session with Kathy it would be extremely important to build her trust in me as she has many issues that need to be addressed. Empathy and compassion towards her situation need to be shown, Kathy would need my reassurance that I understand her concerns and I will be there to help and guide her towards getting the help she needs. Kathy and I would need to identify all her problems and concerns and discuss the risks and harms that she may be experiencing they may include: 1. Six year history of heroin use- She would be at risk of suffering from dependence, intense sadness, damage to her internal organs, malnutrition, poor hygiene, disease, damage to veins, cognitive impairment and mental heath issues. Does she want to seek treatment? 2.

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