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Although the Articles of Confederation were effective when dividing the new lands in the west, they were overall ineffective in the areas of commerce, foreign affairs and controlling the common people. The Articles of Confederation did manage to successfully handle the new western lands which were acquired by America after the war. Following the war America gained new lands and the government needed a system to divide and govern these new lands. Many of the larger colonies claimed to own these western lands due to their original charters. But, in order for the Articles of Confederation to be ratified and to pay off the debt from the war, the states needed to give up their land to the national government, so that it could be sold in order to pay off the country's debt. The large states did give up their lands to the central government (Document E). In order to govern these new lands the government needed to make new laws. One of the laws passed was the land ordinance of 1785. This new law divided up the land in the new western territories into sections which could be sold to individual citizens. The money received from the people who bought this land helped to pay off the debt. The land ordinance also promoted republican ideals by providing a school for each of the new territories that were created. Providing a school in each town allowed all people to be educated which promoted equality. The northwest ordinance of 1787 was passed to set up government in these new territories. The Northwest Ordinance stated the requirements for any of the new territories to become a state. In order for one of the new territories to become a state they were required to reach a given population and create their own constitution. The Northwest Ordinance managed to abolish slavery in the new states as well. Although the Articles of Confederation were effective when it came
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