Ao1 Health and Social Care (as) Essay

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In my portfolio I will be looking into communication and the different methods of communication such as oral, written, computerised and special methods. I will also be discussing factors that support and inhibit communication, theories relating to communication and interacting with those who provide specific care services and how communication effects their work environment. I believe the argument Teresa Thompson had in 1986 that “communication is the relationship” is very important, the main reasons being that communication is needed to share information and create a relationship between people. If the communication does not enable a secure relationship between, for example an elderly person in a care home and their worker then the care provided will be as effective as it could be. The elderly person will not trust their worker, therefore they will not be happy in their placement because the first person they met and properly were introduced to did not make a good impression. This could then lead to the elderly person not socialising and often they can become a social recluse and not leave their room which is critical to an elderly person as they need to keep movement as frequent as possible. Also, if the communication is not of a high standard then the patient may not benefit the way they could from the environment they are in. Another example of communication being key in the relationship is between a care worker and a doctor; if they do not share accurate information due to a lack of trust with each other then the patient/elderly person could receive the wrong medication or support. Communication is the process by which people or animals exchange information. It can be used to exchange, give or obtain information when in a conversation. Communication can be separated into 4 key sections; oral, written, computerised and special methods. All of which can be used

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