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Assignment ECV 3001 (24.9.2013/selasa) Why I want to be an engineer? What are the characteristic of a successful engineer? Please include iconic engineer that inspires you. (Write a short essay) I want to be an engineer because of several reasons. For me becoming an engineer means to make something happen and for today, I will explain four main reasons why I want to be an engineer. Firstly, as we are talking about engineer profession, first thing that come up into my mind is money. All of us know that being an engineer means gain a lot of money. Gaining a lot of money for nowadays situation is very important for us to survive. Moreover, when we got skills and experience, this will generate higher graduate salaries and other benefits for engineering graduates like me. Secondly, engineer has a great lifestyle because engineer has a good income and a good work. This point also related to the first point, which is money. I can enjoy many difference hobbies myself, and ask my friend to accompany mine. This is good as to make us closer to each other and at the same time to know each other better for time to time. Third point is engineer get to travel everyway, anywhere and anytime in order to complete their work. I love travelling and being an engineer gives me those opportunities, which mean when I am working, I can travel to other country, finish my job and still gaining money. Lastly, engineer gets to do a cool stuff. For example, I get to be the first to develop, to design and to build something new and I can make something virtual or fantasy become reality. Nobody can do this except an engineer and that way I want to be an engineer. The characteristic of a successful engineer is creative. A great engineer is creative and can think of new and innovative ways to develop new systems and make existing things work more efficiently. They think about the continuously

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