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Do you have a smartphone ? If so, why do you decide to have it ? A lot of people use this phone every moment, in every where. Smartphones are the cell phones which are available for the Internet access and computer functions. In fact, we can tell a PDA phone is the old version of a smartphone. Computer programming, Surfing Internet, and talking on the phone any time, every where make people communicate on the spot. It makes our lives very convenient. However, people should wonder whether they use it smartly. The smartphone has a lot of functions in one device and makes people’s bags light. Before the smartphone, people need to bring a few devices when they leave their houses, a cell phone, a laptop, a digital camera if necessary, and removable hard disk drive etc. Some salesmen said that they usually brought a lot of paper files and a thick address book when they visited customers. However, you just bring one small tiny thin device when you are out, you can have lots of work successively done. It also can save time, money and your physical energy, which you may use them for your personal happy life. Before the Internet available, when I tried to find a job, first, I went out to buy a newspaper, searched an opening job, wrote a resume, and had to go to the post office to mail it. See this process took a few days. For a journalist, a photographer, bloggers, or even students, they took pictures with cameras but they had to go back to their workplace and uploaded all into their computers, and finally posted it a few days later. However, the smartphone allows these several processes to be done in a row. Even though it has plenty of functions, it is a question whether people can use all anyway. Actually, ordinary cell phones these days are not bad and it is quite convenient for someone who just needs to use a phone and search some information like 5

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