Anyone Can Be a Hero

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Everyone is a Hero Camille A. Hall ENG 122 English Composition Instructor Megan Lockard May 28, 2014 The word “hero” is currently defined as any person admired for qualities or achievements and regarded as an ideal or model. (Webster, 2010) Fame, money, and power are often used by media to give someone the title of “hero” and whether we think they deserve the title or not is based on our individual thoughts and feelings as to what we consider a trait to be admired. What is ideal or model is not the same for everyone and plays a huge role when choosing our heroes. People have different ideals or values that they see in someone that others may not. Based on ethnicity, gender, or even sexual orientation I will show there are many types of heroes for these reasons Studies have shown that gender, ethnicity and even sexual orientation play a part in who a person deems a hero. According to Anderson, Kristin J.; Cavallaro, Donna (2002) in “Childhood Education 78.3 Parents or pop culture?: Children's heroes and role models, “One feature of role modeling is that children tend to choose role models whom they find relevant and with whom they can compare themselves” (Lockwood & Kunda, 2000). One example of where sexual orientation can play a part in choosing a hero is singer Adam Lambert; he may not be a hero to most but to the gay community he is a hero being the first openly gay musician to debut at top of billboard charts. Since his run on American Idol and his success the last few years today you see more and more openly gay artist on shows like American Idol and The Voice because he set the path that its ok to be who you are openly and people will still see your talent over anything else. While some people may find people like Adam Lambert morally wrong and a bad influence on children, we have to remember that there are many young people who are
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