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* The Thesis statement of this essay is “Beyond its stereotypic dispatching of the villians, however, Die Hard functions on two additional levels. First, its hero attacks villains who personify major cultural problems and, second, he confronts problems in his own nature.” * Yes, I think Peter Parshall has tons of analysis and evidence that supports it that ties into the thesis of his essay. He first explains how he is a stereotypical hero, and than goes on to how the villains personify major cultural problems, and than he explains how John confronts his problems in his own nature. * After watching the movie Die Hard myself, I had a completely different interpretation of the movie than the author. However, after reading the essay “Die Hard: The American Mythos”, by Peter Parshall, I agree with every interpretation of the author. I think my different feelings of pre reading the essay, compared to post reading the essay are mainly due to my young age of watching the movie. At the age that I watched the movie, it was just a movie to me and I didn’t really pick up on any symbols or messages. I just thought it was cool because of all the guns and gadgets. After I had watched the movie, I remember thinking that John McClain was the man who had broken up the family because he wouldn’t leave New York. However, after reading this essay it is easy to see that it was his wife Holly, who had done so by leaving New York to try and start a life in LA without John’s approval. The interpretations that it was Holly who was the “bad guy” of the family are backed up throughout the entire essay. Although I thought differently at first, I completely agree with Peter Parshall now. * N/A I have seen the movie. * The first cinematographic technique that Smith analyzes in his essay is the use of sound. He analyzes the use of Christmas music and what it means to the movie.

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