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Any Rands Anthem Essay

  • Submitted by: HWman
  • on February 12, 2012
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Anthem Essay Contest Topic 1

Ayn Rand named her main characters, in the book Anthem, “Prometheus” and “Gaea” for many symbolic and philosophical reasons.   First, these characters choose their names towards near the end of the story, a sign of egoism and free will.   They only could have chosen names once they had advanced ideas of individualism.   The cause of the individualistic ideals is a derivative of finding ancient books in a house from the past.   The books contained the word “I” and ideas of egoism and individualism.   It’s only after reading these books does equality (Prometheus) decide to name himself and his lover.   The names themselves represent the selfish individual egoism that the society they live in denies.   Equality is egoistic.   He lives for his own happiness and he does not sacrifice himself to others, nor does he sacrifice others to himself.   He ran away, proving this.   He wished to take care of himself, not feed off the labor of others, it is also evident that he would not allow them to feed off his labor anymore either.   However, by wanting to learn, wanting a career that makes him happy, loving someone, and thinking for himself, Equality represents the individualism truly required to earn a name.   In contrast, almost all of his fellow unnamed citizens are robots.   They display little emotion and live for everyone else.   When in retrospect, if everyone in a world was living wholly for everyone else then everyone would truly be living for no one and the race would function like an autonomous being, essentially a machine.   The book also proposes the idea that there is free will in all people.   The rest of the population simply choose not to think and choose to be as mere parts in the machine that their society has become.
The names also represent how Prometheus and Gaea no longer believe in the concept of their society, where “everyone is one”; they ceased believing in the “great we”.   However, they are now considering themselves as thinking...

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