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Research & Report Writing Assignment: 2 (10 Marks) BBA - UBIS – University Final Date of Submission – 30th April 2015 1. Which of the following is not an essential element of report writing? a. Research Methodology b. Reference c. Conclusion d. None of these 2. What is the purpose of doing research? a. To identify problem b. To find the solution c. Both a and b d. None of these 3. In group interview their are _______ a. One interviewer and one interviewee b. More than one interviewer and one interviewee c. One interviewer and more than one interviewee d. More than One interviewer and more than one interviewee 4. What is presented in the findings section of a research report? a. A discussion of the results b. The quantitative or qualitative data that was collected c. The theoretical foundations for the research study d. The methods that were used to collect the data 5. The abstract of the report: a. Is usually written before the rest of the report. b. Provides a snapshot of the major section of the entire report. c. Serves as the introduction to the report, with a focus on the background for the research. d. Is usually several pages in length. 6. Recommendations should be based on: a. Findings b. Assumptions c. Introduction d. Literature review 7. Which of these software packages is most commonly used in presentations? a. Powerpoint b. Nvivo c. Excel d. Mindmanager 8. Generally speaking, the best time to begin the literature review in a specific research project is a. After the research problem has been clearly articulated. b. After the data have been collected, but before they are analyzed. Based on personal preference; there is no single best time. c. Before or during the formulation of the research problem. 9. What research is? a. A lab experiment b. a report c. a systematic enquiry d. a procedure 10. ___________ are the sources, which are the least

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