Anxiety of an Essay

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English 102 section 06 essay #1 9/23/2014 Anxiety of an Essay In the world that we live in today, many teens let their mind get the best of them especially when it comes to writing papers. Writing a great essay comes with a tremendous amount of pressure. This pressure becomes overwhelming causing most young writers to freeze up. It was my senior year, in high school, when I reached my first major struggle; coming up with ideas for writing my draft for my college application essay. My English teacher, Sara Yacovelli, had given the class a bright blue book. In this book we were told to write our biggest assignment; our college application essay. Before I had even pulled out a pencil and opened up to the first page I was thinking that the essay was going to be a piece of cake, however, I was proven wrong. Knowing my grades were not ideal, this college essay needed to have a big impact on catching a college admission counselors attention. Basically making or breaking my chances of getting into college. Having this thought in the back of my head added a tremendous amount of pressure that scrambled my thought process. I remember sitting in the hot room, listening to a loud over sized fan while staring at the blank blue lined pages just waiting for ideas to pop into my head. At that time the only thoughts I had came from my inner critic. Thoughts like my vocabulary was not high enough, my grammar wasn’t the best and no college admission counselor was going to accept me into their college, continued to plague my mind. My mind even started wandering off to the football practice I had the day before. I remember Miss Yacovelli addressing the class with her croaky voice, “I'm giving y’all twenty more minutes to finish” which caused me to panic even more. Finally, I just started to think of my life and how I had ended up in that class. I began to write some of those

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