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Anxiety In Children Essay

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  • on January 22, 2012
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Anxiety in Children

“About 13 out of every 100 children and adolescents ages 9 to 17 experience some kind of anxiety disorder.” (Schoenstadt, 2011) This number may not seem large enough to mean much, but several children suffer every day from anxiety under the radar. When talking about anxiety it’s normal to categorize it as an “adult” problem considering adults can vocalize the issue. Children may not understand their emotions and are in turn unable to make it known that they are suffering from anxiety or what the underlying cause of their anxiety is. Understanding anxiety in children and the causes is very important because it is easily treated with several methods. Some of the causes for anxiety in children may seem harmless, but can actually cause long lasting effects. If understood and acknowledged, several causes of anxiety in children can be prevented or managed, such as the increase in expectations of children, bullying in school, peer pressure, the media, and lack of sleep.
Every generation of children has more responsibilities than the last. With the rate of divorce going up, more children are expected to hold in the emotions they suffer from the trauma caused by the splitting of a family. They may be expected to do more around the house chores, help take care of younger siblings, or even get a job at an earlier age than they would have normally. Stress effects children negatively just as it does adults, which if the stress continues over time it can lead to anxiety or any number of anxiety disorders. “Certainly some situations can be anxiety producing, especially those that disrupt the child's sense of structure and order in their world (parental divorce, deaths in the family, trauma, moves).” (Environmental, 2009) The mental work load of a child isn’t limited to home life. It extends into their life at school as well. Children spend the majority of their day in school from the time they enter kindergarten to the time they become an adult. School...

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