Anxiety in a Cancer Patient Essay

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An introduction to the cancer symptom. When you think of the life of a person with cancer, one major symptom that often time’s people forget is anxiety. Of course people know that people with cancer are anxious in certain ways, but they often times do not realize how much the symptoms affects someone’s life. According to the American Cancer Society website, “People may be afraid of uncontrolled pain, dying, or what happens after death, including what might happen to loved ones” (American Cancer Society, 2013). This anxiety that patients experience is very real and can affect every aspect of their lives. Anxiety affects a person while they have cancer and even when they are in remission. It is important that people understand this symptom and how to deal with it and handle it. Discuss potential causes. Be specific and include the patho (related to cancer) Anxiety related to cancer can be caused by many things. The medications the patient takes may cause their anxiety to increase. It can also be caused by the knowledge of having cancer. Once a person is diagnosed with anxiety, often times they develop anxiety. This is often times because so many people believe that having cancer means that they will die. Although there is a possibility of death, there are many treatment options for some cancers. According to National Cancer Institute, there are a few different causes of anxiety in patients that have cancer. Anxiety can be caused by pain, other medical problems (pneumonia, high blood sugar, and electrolyte imbalances), certain type of tumors, taking certain drugs, and withdrawing from habit-forming drugs (National Cancer Institute, 2013). If a person’s pain is not controlled then they are likely to have an increased anxiety level. Anxiety is a serious thing and can be caused by many things in patients with cancer. Manifestations/potential

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