Anxiety Disorders Essay

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Psychology 101 W04 Psychological Disorders Rebecca Edens I have often wondered if talking to myself really was a sign that I was going crazy. Is it possible that some of the thoughts that I was having weren’t quite normal? I often get paranoid that people are staring at me, and I have a hard time not magnifying the anxiety I feel that people are judging me when in reality they probably don’t even notice the things that I obsess over. Myers states that now and then we all feel, think, or act the way disturbed people do much of the time. We get anxious, depressed, withdrawn, or suspicious. She says that it’s no wonder we identify ourselves with the disorders we study because as William James proposed that “To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normal.” Classifying disorders is a key component to being able to treat the disorder. One of the classifications types is that of anxiety disorders which has multiple categories that can fit in that disorder. Generalized anxiety, panic disorder, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder are anxiety disorders that are characterized by distressing, persistent anxiety or maladaptive behaviors that reduce anxiety. In order to understand anxiety disorders we have to study them. Because anxiety is both a feeling and a thought we must study how these feelings and thoughts arise. Freud proposed that beginning in childhood people repress certain impulses, ideas, and feelings. Eventually these feelings leak out and begin appearing as what is observed as odd behaviors such as extreme hand washing. Today, however, modern perspectives believe that the learning and biological perspectives are a more accurate view and offer a more complete understanding. I am intrigued at how many disorders have come into existence now that there is a greater awareness as well

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