Anxiety Disorders Essay

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While there are many characters that could be psychologically analyzed, Bob Wiley is the one that will be given all of the attention for his disorders are numerous and fascinating. According to Dr. Marvin, Bob has a “multi-phobic personality characterized by acute separation anxiety.” To begin with, Bob is faced with ongoing anxiety issues throughout the movie. According to Myer’s, generalized anxiety disorder is when a “person is continually tense, apprehensive, and in a state of autonomic nervous system arousal,” which perfectly describes Bob’s character. He has a difficult time leaving his house, riding the elevator and performing simple tasks. However, many of his anxiety symptoms are caused from his large number of phobias. Because he is afraid of so many things, he is constantly in a state of panic and anxiety. Bob often has to talk himself into doing simple everyday task like leaving his apartment or even walking down the street. This is similar to the Psychoanalytic Perspective in which Sigmund Freud explains that behavior is partly determined by inner forces that are outside of our consciousness. Bob’s fear of leaving his home, fear of traveling and even his fear of germs is a perfect example of reality anxiety because he finds threat or danger in the world. Bob possesses the denial defense mechanism. One example of this is when Dr. Marvin clearly explains to bob that he will be unable to meet with him for a month due to a family vacation, yet bob continued to find ways to contact him and eventually meet with him again. Additionally, Bob is characterized by a collection of phobias, a phobia being an anxiety disorder in which an irrational fear causes the person to avoid some object, activity, or situation. When researching various reports on anxiety disorders, I realized that there is an abundance of work being done on understands anxiety disorders better

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