Anxiety Disorder Essay

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Everybody has it. Fortunately for most of us it is not tenacious and intense. It is called anxiety. When having to speak in front of an audience, when waiting for your term exams grades, anyone may feel anxious. However, when this occasional discomfort becomes overwhelming and an everyday incidence, one might be diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are “exaggerations to of our normal and adaptive reaction to fearful or stressful events” (Owen Kelly, Ph.D.). There are different types of anxiety disorders including panic disorder, agoraphobia, specific phobia, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) , posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Sweating, increasing heart rate, hyperventilation, trembling, worry, or stress are all symptoms of anxiety disorders. This essay is mainly focused on the case of Jonathan, a 33-year-old male who suffers from Arachnophobia (phobia of spiders). Phobias are psychological and physiological reactions that individuals have in response to an extreme fear of objects or a specific situation or event. The case study states that Jonathan’s condition is severe enough to interfere with his everyday life. When he sees a spider or anything that reminds him with it, his breaths quickens and his heart rate increases. He spends many of his time cleaning his house to make sure that there is no spider around and often decline invitations from his friends thinking that he might be in contact with spiders while being in a social occasion. Moreover, Jonathans mother has a similar fear of spider and he has a vague memory of her having a panic attack in a supermarket. It has been demonstrated that individuals that suffers from a severe anxiety disorder experience a panic attack at least once in their lives. (Ley 1987) has suggested that dysfunctional breathing patterns activate a

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