Anxiety Disorder Essay

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder I would like to talk to you about a disease or defect in the human body that affects many people in the world today. I actually know someone that I am very close to who has been diagnosed with this disorder. My fiancé was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder years ago. He has many trials to endure everyday just to get through the day. Someone with this disorder has a lot of trouble even with the things that may not be an issue for an average person. My fiancé shakes all the time and he stresses about the smallest things. He gets so upset and stressed about the simplest things that he even breaks down at times and cries. Generalized anxiety disorder is not a joke or an easy disorder to overcome. This disorder causes many trials and troubles for those who have been diagnosed. My fiancé has trouble with everyday activities like tying shoes, going shopping, or even having a conversation. He gets so stressed out that he shakes uncontrollably and has to have help with certain things. This is a condition that should be treated by a doctor but at the moment we do not have insurance and he is having to deal with this on his own. Generalized anxiety disorder is defined as excessive or pathologic worry that is at least 6 months or longer. This disorder is a common psychiatric problem that can be stabilized over time and is distinguishable from other anxiety disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder is a chronic illness that has a fluctuating course. Generalized anxiety disorder is described as a chronic disturbance shown by excessive worry and or apprehension followed by psychic and somatic symptoms of stress. The first cases of this disorder date back to over a century ago. It resembles normal anxiety and therefor can be hard to diagnose unless the subject shows it regularly. Some people have viewed this disorder as a form

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