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Mike Richard Weekly Case Conceptualization Weekly Case Conceptualization: Adlerian Theory I- Identifying information of Antwone Fisher Antwone is a single, twenty five year old, African American Male who is in the Navy at the present time that was referred to therapy due to explosive behavior with fellow team members. II- Part One: Counselor’s Conceptualization of the Problem Antwone enters therapy after having violent episodes with his shipmates and is recommended to see Dr. Davenport for an assessment. Based on Alder’s theory Antwone uses safeguards to excuse himself from his perceived failure while depreciating others. Antwone uses these safeguards due to his internal pain of being abandonment by his family. He sees this as extremely important to protect his sense of self. Atwone’s family order is uncertain since he was born while his mother was in jail. If he is the first and only child as per Adler then Antwone would have received a good amount of attention but this is not so. What does seem to fit Adler’s view of the first born and Antwone is that the first born is a hard worker and Antwone does fit that description. Again using Adler’s theory a strength that Antwone has is the sense of community feeling that he develops early on as he becomes fried with a local boy of similar age. Then again while n therapy with Dr. Davenport, he is seen expressing more that the sense of belonging to a community. He begins to date and his relationship with his shipmates improves. He then visit his family which further strengthened this idea as the paternal family reaches out to him and welcome s him with open arms. Part two: Brief description of what therapy would look like with the character using this theory. Based on Adlerian perspective I would have a two chairs as the relationship should be equal the office environment would be casual to

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