Antonio's Day-Personal Narrative

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The year was 1939, it was a hot summer’s day the city of Melbourne, the temperature had just reached 41 Degrees. Antonio was on his way to his local pub to meet with his friend Baldo. Both Antonio and Baldo worked in the tobacco industry. As Antonio strolled from his small weatherboard house he thought of his beautiful wife Gina, her classic Italian looks, soft olive skin and long dark hair, he thought of his two daughters Georgia who was 6 and Marta who was 8, how lucky he was to have a job and a family in a war torn time. Screeching tires and the sound of glass breaking pulled Antonio from his daydream as he neared the pub he saw an army of policeman dragging men out from the pub and throwing them in to the back of police vans. The men who fought back were beaten with batons and handcuffed their faces pinned to the ground. Antonio hears a familiar voice, it is his friend Baldo, both of his arms are pulled behind his back by two police officers, he is kicking his legs and shouting for the officers to let him go. Antonio rushes over to his friend and shouts at an officer “what isa going ona?” The officer immediately pulls out his baton and approaches Antonio, “here’s another one” the officer calls out, “right, in to the back of the van calmly and you wont be hurt”, “what have I done” calls Antonio, “what has Baldo done, what have all of these men done, these are my friends good hard working people, they do not deserve this treatment”. Antonio is smacked with the baton right in the gut, he bends over clinging to his stomach and the officer strikes…show more content…
Italy’s alliance with Germany against the allies during the war caused the suffering of many Italian immigrants in Australia. Many of the prisoners' wives were unable to hold onto their homes in the absence of the family breadwinner, and were forced to take their children and seek shelter with friends and

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